Rejuvenate In the Solitude of Nature with Luxury and Adventure

The land of smiles is waiting for you to present them to you and welcome you. Yes, Thailand is also known as land of smiles and you will be greeted by the simplistic and smiling people of the country – when you step in there. Bangkok is full of sound and people – chaos and confusion of modern times. As you move towards the north, you will find the cultural extravagance and a rich historical evidence of the place. You will find Thailand to offer you luxury at a very cheap price and you have to look no further to enjoy life at its fullest in some foreign land. This land is tourism friendly and is named as one of the destination city as per Destination Cities Index.

Nature and architecture at its best

You will find the Ayutthaya Historical Park, a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO. This site was initially attacked by Burmese but was never reconstructed. There is the tallest statue of Buddha found in Wat Muang – an hour and a half drive from Bangkok. There is a Hell Park nearby where you can also find gruesome statues that show the fate of the sinners. The landscapes in the north are beautiful and can be labeled as wonder of the nature. There are architectural excellences found here too and the museums store different traditional motifs and goods that have the mark of a past that was full of excitement.

Experience from air and in water

If you are interested in seeing the land from up above in a hot air balloon, you will get a ride in the north. The place is known as Chiang Mai and it will also offer views of magnificent temples and unending greenery as forest with views for exotic photography from the balloon. You can get a flight certificate that you had been on the balloon – for showing off to your friends. There is another popular place called golden triangle and it has got its own attractions.

This place offers you river cruise on the Mekong river and you can be a part of the life of South East Asia from the journey on the river. You will see tribal villages and dense forest while calmly passing them from afar. The sunset can be breathtaking in the natural surrounding and the food will have the unmistakable Thai flavor for the guest of this land.

Lap of nature in solitude

The beaches of Thailand are for relaxation. There are beaches like the one at Sarojin at Khao Lak that overlooks the Andaman Sea. There are deserted beaches in the tropical island of Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand. It also offers superb view of coconut plantations and roughness of hillside. You must plan some offbeat way to spend your holidays in the place by moving away from the civilization. Move with camping groups to the rainforests of the place and gather some peaceful and tranquil moments. There is varied wildlife to see and some natural features like pristine lakes and placid jungle that sometimes become full of sounds at times. Spend this holiday in the land of sun and nature to discover solitude that is so near to your soul. You will also find rich lifestyles, adventures and motivation while indulging into the lap of nature and culture.